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If you are an investor and want to come to the NACO World Angel Investment Summit (Montreal, Canada), you may wish to proceed with a promotional code. Please, contact us!


World Angel Investment Summit 2017  (2nd – 5th October) 


Join over 500 investors, partners and industry leaders from around the world at the flagship event for the Global Angel investor community.

The NACO Summit is your once-a-year opportunity to get ahead of the emerging trends that will shape Angel investment next year.

  • Network with international investors, venture capitalists, and other industry leaders
  • Develop lasting relationships that can lead to syndication and improved access to deal flow
  • Sharpen your investment skills with our professional development workshops
  • Gain insights on the most pressing issues affecting Angels today
  • Discover international best practices that lead to investor success
  • Participate in program streams specific to Angel investors and Angel Group Managers