BANC's team

Our team work in order to change companies’ financing culture. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.

equip de BANC - antoni abad

Antoni Abad Pous

BANC’s President
President of Cecot, a multisectoral Catalan employer organization that represents more than six thousand business people and integrates several professional unions and associations.

Equip de BANC - àlex d'espona

Àlex d’Espona i Flaquer

Coordinator & Manager
Strategic manager expert in startups. He has the objective of connecting investors with the most scalable entrepreneurial projects. More than 10 years of experience and 30 financing operations.

Equip de BANC - david garrofer

David Garrofé Puig

Secretary General
Its activity is a driver of change and innovation, while at the same time has facilitated the achievement of important historical facts for the entire business ecosystem of Catalonia.

Equip de BANC - Elena Esteller

Elena Esteller Mellado

BANC Consultant
Economics professional with extensive business knowledge. Strengthen the brands with which she collaborates. Understand the economy as a very broad philosophy. Advises Entrepreneurs and Investors of the network.

Equip de BANC - col.laboradors

Founding entities collaborators

Administration, finances & marketing support 
BANC has more professionals from the founding organizations of the network. They collaborate with us in tasks of administration, finances, and marketing.

Equip de BANC - Albert Colomer

Albert Colomer i Espinet

Economist, great expert, and enthusiast about entrepreneurship. It has a long experience in the sector that positions him as a benchmark in the whole state.

Equip de BANC - mercè izquierdo

Mercè Izquierdo Martínez

Institutional Relations
She has more than 10 years of experience at the entity. She manages the institutional relations and executes programs such as Emprèn and Consolida’t.





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