Elearning platform that enhances corporate training through collaboration, customizing it to the type of each client.

Natural cosmetics. It formulates its own products, betting on innovation based on the circular economy in order to obtain natural assets.

Design studio and web developing and applications. It offers programming and consulting services on digitalization of sales processes and digital marketing.

Veterinary consultation.

Company that designs and sells innovative and ecological feminine hygiene products.

Knitwear design and manufacturing workshop.

Semantic 3.0 Web, focused on the field of precision medicine and nutrition.

Property Buyers is a platform that offers an advisory service in the Real Estate market for the acquisition of a real estate asset.

First App Social Network with a gamification component for users, content creation component for abbreviations, and marketing component for commercial brands.

startup 1

LOB Tech is an application that, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, allows you to improve the way you play paddle.

ONservice Dental makes dental implant locations for dental structure manufacturers.

Inbound Colors is a new digital marketing agency specialized in Inbound Marqueting, Content Marqueting and Marqueting Automation.

Personnel selection consultant for innovative companies looking for very specific technical profiles, with validation included.

PANDA MOTOS is an online motorcycle sales platform that manages to digitally transform the process of acquiring traditional motorcycles, creating an agile, simple and comfortable scheme.

Distribution of coffee machines that can replace capsule coffee machines in the workplace, with the possibility of making coffee directly from roasting.

startup 1

SUNPLEX is a spin off from DDUUEETT that has created B2C platforms for products from DDUUEETT’s portfolio and consumables, through its own websites and Marketplace.

startup 1

OPIN offers solutions to fill the security gap in the e-commerce process so that they lose millions of euros every year. Generating a digital identity that monitors that each delivery has been correctly received by the buyer.

startup 1

ETNOLABS, is a 100% natural and innovative brand of bio-cosmetics and functional foods based on the use of natural and primitive ingredients that were present in past civilizations. The products are made with their own unique formulation.

AUTOPAY4, has developed a collection machine, both for money and cards, small and totally adaptable to different designs and colors. It offers the possibility to personalize each business with promotion systems, videos, photographs, as well as e-commerce.

Through a lodging ad platform, the entire process of getting apartments, for the French public, is facilitated by focusing on teleoperators.

Innovative application that allows you to record certain moments of sport games that are of interest.

Pioneer company that has developed a platform that allows automatic trading systems (software) to be generated with an intuitive and innovative methodology, allowing customers to validate the effectiveness of simulation strategies.

Business dedicated to the sale of tequeños. The company sells for the first time flavors of tequeños different from the traditional cheese, such as apple, biscuit or chocolate.

Software that automates the processes of monitoring of imports and exports by sea and allows companies to know in real time, and from any mobile device, computer or tablet, when a merchandise will not arrive on time, anticipating possible delays and incidents.

The Blockchain Institute & Technology, blintech, is the first private regulated training center for Blockchain and disruptive technologies worldwide. The goal of Blintech is to help professionals and companies to be leaders in the 4.0 revolution we are living.

startup 1

Save the knowledge generated at a conference or training, making it available at any time.

App that, through entertainment and the possibility of winning prizes, connects brands with consumers very effectively.

Main European supplier that allows the automation and motorization of roofs of pools and parasols.

Offers the opportunity to continue and enjoy the games of electronic games / games.

Center of Health focused on personalized attention and multidisciplinary nature.

Technology to treat and cure autoimmune diseases.

startup 3

Manufacture and sale of sandals.

New iPhone case model that allows you to use the phone very conveniently with one hand, in a more practical way.

Logistics operator specialized in services dedicated to companies from different sectors that believe in the benefits of fully or partially outsourcing their operational activity.

Two-way platform that gives commercial impulse in Europe to brands of furniture and appliances for any area of body care.

Online gym designed for the whole family, with 21 different sports activities. Multiaccess platform.

Commercial operator of parking services (intermediation), designed and developed services, within the Smart City / Smart Parking concept, to provide its clients with the management of these costs and obtaining savings.

Intelligent APP that offers personalized and quality training to a growing sector with many potential users who demand a guide and advice to be able to evolve and achieve new challenges.

Helping companies, freelancers and communities to adapt to the Data Protection Law and LSSICE (Electronic Commerce Law) both final customers and customers of all managers, schools and consultants through the option White Brand.

startup 12

It provides an improvement in the lives of children suffering from disorders in neurodevelopment, their relatives and professionals who treat them through technology.

startup 12

Distribution of aluminum systems for the building: closing of facades and railing.

They make art available to everyone thanks to ICT and mobile devices.

Business management web application for small business owners, offers integrated tools that allow you to manage your billing as well as project management and document management.

They make a 180 degrees turn in the world of fashion, defining an ethical system.

New method to prevent tuberculosis.

Development of a tool that predicts breakdowns in motors and electric generators of production process.

Biotechnology company dedicated to the provision of scientific and technological services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Improves the exploration of ocular motility, increasing the efficacy of treatments for patients suffering from strabismus.

Develop new medications aimed at biological mechanisms involved in rare diseases for which there is no treatment today.

Event boutique, through customized approaches and solutions, integrating the concepts of organization, strategy, visual communication and space design, drive sales and customer loyalty.

Sort the channel of a work, connecting with the customer, professional and brands. BIG DATA sector construction.

Development of a security system for firefighters in the interior of burning buildings that allows the recording of the status of all active personnel.

startup 8

Service of certification and archive for purchases, transactions and electronic contracts.

Marketing of integrated management software for football clubs and football professionals.

Design and manufacture of remote control systems for the efficient management of water.