Barcelona, February 25, 2020. BANC, through an agreement with Microbank, helps entrepreneurs to obtain financing for innovative projects, with a maximum amount of € 50,000. In this case, the BANC network has obtained a Microcredit for the company “Find Your Travel”, a travel agency and distributor of Spanish tourist accommodation in France.

Find Your Travel

Through a platform of accommodation ads, it facilitates the entire process to obtain apartments for the French public, focusing on telemarketers.

Find Your Travel, gives visibility to Spanish small and medium-sized real estate agencies in the French market, with the advantage that the entrepreneur knows French clients and knows what their needs are.


About BANC

BANC was the first Catalan and Spanish private network of Business Angels, which was born at the initiative of the Cecot and Autooocupació. At the same time, BANC is supported by ACCIÓ and is integrated into the Xarxa d’Inversors Privats (XIP), and is a member of the Spanish Business Angels Network (ESBAN) and the European Business Angels Network (EBAN). During 2018, the BANC network has contributed to capitalize € 424,000 in equity, which are divided into four operations that have mobilized € 310,000 of business angels and € 114,000 of the same promoters.


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