• La Nit de l’Empresari focused on sustainability, without overlooking the urgency of adding social and economic agents in favor of Catalonia.

Barcelona, October 23, 2019. The 25th edition of La Nit de l’Empresari organized by Cecot was held yesterday successfully at the National Theater of Catalonia. An act that represents the annual meeting point between businessmen and businesswomen, where the daily effort of “ doing business ” is made and where good practices in professional and business fields are distinguished, rewarding them and sharing them by making them public, which results a natural vocation of a business organization such as Cecot.

By the Energy motto, this edition of La Nit de l’Empresari has focused on sustainability, focusing on sustainable companies, responsible administrations and the energy transition that we live today. In this way and with luxury guests who have not wanted to miss the big event, Cecot has revealed “the need to work together in favor of a more sustainable, less polluting energy model, which reduces the levels of climatic emergency, with realistic costs that have a positive impact on business competitiveness.” A need represented by a large number of motivated entrepreneurs who, thanks to the dynamism and energy they contribute to the activity of their businesses, are able to transform the environment and society.

In the act, Cecot has awarded eight companies and organizations for their business progress and for the contribution they have made to the economic and business development of the country. Some of the award-winning companies have been: Sensocar (most international company), Silence (innovation recognition), Kave Home (more dynamic trade), Able Human Motion (best young business initiative), La Casa de la Carlota & Friends (recognition to the responsible SME) and La Farga (Prevint Award).

Therefore, the 25th edition of La Nit de l’Empresari has celebrated giving special importance to sustainability, and with great support from important people in the field of politics and the business world, promoting the idea of joining forces in favor of Catalonia, its citizenship, economic and social agents, institutions and definitely for the good of all Catalan society, but also of the Spanish society and the rest of the world.