BANC has achieved a Microcredit for the company “The EVENT-App Company”, focused on saving knowledge in training and professional events. The company has developed SaveKnow, a native App (both for iOS and Android) plus a web platform that saves all the knowledge generated in a training, conference or conference.
BANC, through an agreement with Microbank, helps entrepreneurs to obtain financing for innovative projects.
More information about Saveknow:

With Saveknow, attendees can take all the knowledge generated on their mobile wherever they go and consult it from any device whenever they want, offering better protection of the intellectual property of the speakers and advertising impacts by the sponsors, far beyond the dates of the event.

At the end of each presentation of the event, a video of slides and voices is automatically generated, with the explanations of the speaker for each slide, the voices of those attending the question time and other knowledge generated about the event.

The videos of the presentations are kept in the user account of the attendees to the Cloud, so that they can consult it whenever they want, without a time limit, from any smartphone, tablet, computer, Smart TV or electronic board.

At the beginning of each video of each presentation, the logos of the sponsors appear with a direct link to their website, thus generating advertising impacts well beyond the dates of the event and facilitating the consultation of the attendees.

Video SaveKnow English

Vídeo SaveKnow Spanish