The Business Angels Network of Catalonia highlights that 79% of the investments in the state are local and Barcelona’s role as an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The NACO event, the Canadian association, brings together more than 500 international investors.

Barcelona, ​​October 17, 2017. More than 500 Business Angels from more than 12 countries have met in Canada at one of the most important international private investment events in the American Continent.

The National Angel Capital Association (NACO), the only national industrial association for Business Angels in Canada, has organised the World Event Investment Summit, an event that has had the presence of BANC as a representative of private investment in Catalonia and Spain.

Albert Colomer, director of the Business Angels Network of Catalonia, led a panel discussion with other personalities from the investment sector in Europe. The director of the network answered several questions that served the audience to understand how the sector evolves in Spain. It was possible to appreciate that although investment in foreign startups is increasingly important, the investment made by Business Angels in Spain remains mostly local. The number of investments made to entities based in Spain accounted for 79% in 2016. 43% of the investments were for seed-stage companies, 36% for startup companies, and the rest in companies in more advanced phases.

BANC’s network also highlighted the role of Barcelona as an entrepreneurial ecosystem, where more than 300 companies are created each year, adding to the more than 2000 existing startups. The NACO event has become a great opportunity to share knowledge and to generate contact between the different international networks.