The BANC network, during 2020, has already obtained € 1,609,000 in financing: € 709,000 with grants and soft loans and € 900,000 in equity financing

What do entrepreneurs think of BANC?

“With BANC the help, advice and follow-up of the whole process with ENISA has been easy when it comes to training for the company.”
Josep and Jose

La Café

“We are very grateful to BANC because they are very proactive in finding financing and distribution contacts for our start-up. So far, BANC has obtained a Microbank loan for us, two investors have committed a capital contribution, visits with potential distributors and the possibility of participating in international investor forums. In addition, the personal treatment is impeccable and they are attentive to our needs.”
Enric M.

The ISSIMO Fruit Family

“I have found the BANC service very correct, I would highlight the constancy they have had at all times, I have felt very comfortable in my dealings with the advisor and I would definitely recommend a new project to collaborate with BANC, our objectives have been reflected in the highest point of the idea of our project. ”
Gabriel F.


“From the first moment they understood our business model and needs, they accompanied us in all phases until we reached the objective set. We will continue collaborating with BANC, our company grows and its needs too, we have to be surrounded by a dynamic and professional team like BANC.”
Orlando P.


“Hi, my name is Chris Murphy and I can not praise BANC enough for their support and encouragement throughout the start of our new ecommerce business. We are the first company in the world to provide the specific technology service to online retailers and BANC immediately understood what we needed and where we were going with the project. With BANC, we received a very high level of expert advice and they continue to be essential to the support structure to our business to grow into one of the essential Ecommerce services throughout not just Spain, but the rest of the world too.”
Chris Murphy


“I am Jose Antonio Marta, CEO of Splacing. From BANC we had a management and attention according to the expectations with all the internal team. We achieved the planned financing objective and during the internal process with Alex, in writing the report and reviewing the Business Plan, we were also able to detect possible improvements to our business model. I would recommend your service to other entrepreneurs or companies.”
Jose Antonio M.


“About BANC service, it would emphasize its effectiveness, as well as the relationship obtained, with a very good and fluid communication. Without a doubt, I would recommend the network to a new project that seeks financing.”
Salvador T.


“We are very pleased with the service and support given by BANC. It has allowed us not to worry about the process of ENISA, doing a very good follow-up of the process. I emphasize the personal and professional relationship that BANC’s consultants have offered us in order to find financing. “
Juanjo V.

“A few months ago I had the favourable circumstance of meeting with the BANC team. Being a young and recent entrepreneur with little time in Spain, financing opportunities were somewhat limited. However, thanks to the backing, guidance, guidance and full processing support that BANC provided to my project, it was possible to obtain a bank loan with better financing benefits. During the last 3 months BANC and its team were in direct and fluid contact with me to carry out everything related to this very important credit that was needed to give that last boost to the start of my ETNOLABS business. Above all I am very grateful to Elena and Alex who gave their best effort and dedication to my project”
Niuska A.


“We were able to carry out our project thanks to BANC, they helped us in everything we needed. BANC showed great interest in our start-up and a very good treatment and relationship of the knowledge of the investment market. Thanks to them the process was fast and efficient.
Very happy with the relationship with the advisor obtained, it was fluid and explained the whole operation of the process. ”
Guillermo C.


“BANC helped us to boost our search of investors and financing during the first stages of the company. At that time, Business Angels were inaccessible to us, and BANC helped us to close an agreement. Although that capital was not as great as those we make today, it was as more important for the startup. “
Marc M.


“Thanks to BANC, we were able to close the first investment round of € 210,000 for the startup. One Business Angel from BANC acted as the lead investor and subsequently added a Venture Capital, ENISA and another Business Angel. The BANC’s analyst who led the operation facilitated and accelerated the negotiation of the partners’ deal with all those involved (3 founders + 4 professional investors). “
Antoni G.