What the 3S: Manage for Impact Conference is all about



A two-day event focused on IMPACT MANAGEMENT


Tools, Case Studies, Learning, Networking


This event will bring us beyond measurement to more effective management of the impact we seek to create – the 1st event of its kind in Europe to unite best practice and collaborative learning.

Impact metrics and methodologies are under constant discussion – it is time to move from simply measuring to  MANAGING Impact

Measuring is a critical element of the impact economy – whether you are driving a social impact organisation or funding and supporting them.  Impact is the ability to set objectives and measure the changes you generate. Management is actually using the data you collect from your measurement to actively optimize and improve your performance to achieve greater social impact.

Walking the talk

We are also on our journey to transparently and cohesively align actions with values. At Stone Soup and TIIME we are united in our wholehearted commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We are determined to learn and implement everything we can to make this event as diverse and inclusive as possible, and to respect and adhere to environmentally friendly approach.
Having this in mind:
  • If you have suggestions how we can improve the participation and contribution of diverse stakeholders for the event, please do not hesitate to provide your thoughts and ideas.
  • The registration form includes a question on your location, so that we can estimate the CO2 emission our event is generating and find the best way to compensate for it.
We are grateful to our partners Fundación ONCE– for their support and inspiration regarding inclusiveness – as well as ECODES for their guidance on environmental considerations.
More information here: https://www.3sconference.org/