4YFN Tel Aviv Experience // 5-7 SEPTEMBER 2017


4YFN is calling for the most innovative startups to apply and to join for the third edition at the DLD Innovation Festival taking place from 5 – 7 September 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel!

They will be taking a selection of startups on an insightful journey through the city, introducing them to the local tech startup ecosystem. Plus, each entrepreneur will get the chance to pitch their solutions at the DLD Innovation Festival.

Join our delegation of international startups!


By joining 4YFN, you can take advantage of 3 full days during the 4YFN Tel Aviv Experience at DLD Innovation Festival. 4YFN has an unforgettable experience planned, making sure you get the most out of being in Tel Aviv, whilst giving you the maximum opportunity to explore the Israeli startup ecosystem and connect with investors and corporations.