• The Best European Investment Congress gathers more than 500 attendees.

The EBAN Congress gathered 524 attendees, 109 speakers and 91 startups across the world in Malaga, for three days of celebrating the spectacular developments in the innovation, entrepreneurial and early stage investment ecosystem. BANC, the Business Angels Network de Catalunya, was one of the main guests.

Guests of the event included angel investors, entrepreneurs, corporates, politicians, accelerators and incubators.

This year’s EBAN Congress focused on what the future holds for many sectors such as Connected Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Energy, or Entrepreneurship and Investing itself.

50 startups from 16 different countries competed for some spectacular prizes. PadelManagfer, Wuolah and 360Visualizer won the prizes from Marbella Tech Angels intended for the best Andalusian, Spanish and European startups, with the total amount of investment adding up to a staggering 1,15 Million Euros. All 3 winners have a great potential to grow to become European market leaders within the next years.

On 7 June, entrepreneurs also had the chance to present their companies at the Global Investor Forum where Albert Colomer, Director of BANC, was one of the jury members.

Also, the attendees could listen the different “Discover the Future” Sessions. The main objective of these conferences was to talk about Connected Mobility, Technology, InsurTech, Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship.

The Future of Investing was also the topic of the panel that closed out the conference on 8 June. The panel was also preceded by the announcement of EBAN’s 2016 statistics, with a new record of 6.6 billion euros invested by business angels and statistics gathered from 35 countries.

Jeff Hoffman, a serial entrepreneur, was one of the special guests at EBAN Malaga. He talked about the future of entrepreneurship. Jeff emphasized that entrepreneurs are the answer to world problems. “If you want to make the world a better place, unleash an army of entrepreneurs”, he said.

EBAN Malaga 2017 stood out with a large number of panels and workshops covering a multitude of fascinating topics. For example, Albert Colomer participated in the “Latest Investment Trends in Spain” panel and in a special roundtable for LATAM and Spanish Investors.

Besides, The EBAN Malaga Gala Dinner and Awards hosted 220 guests and celebrated individuals and organizations who work tirelessly to improve the venture and entrepreneurial finance eco-system the world over. Albert Colomer, President of BANC Business Angels Network of Catalonia, won the “Early Stage Investor who has been a game changer for Europe” prize.

The Congress has been a source of new ideas. As a conclusion, we highlight that 2016 closed the year with more than 312.500 European investors and 38.230 investments that have generated an investment of 6.672 million € that represent the 67% of total investment for early stage companies. Venture Capital, with 2,5 billion € represents the 26%, while Crowdfunding represents the 7% with 0,7 billion €.

The average investment per company has decreased (166.000 € per company), but the average investment per  Business Angel Network and per Business Angels have increased (1.386.000 € and 22.500 € respectively).


Panel on the Latest Investment Trends in Spain


LATAM and Spanish Investor Roundtable