banner-ir-empren-2016_1a-formThe latest day, matched 20 entrepreneurs with 6 Business Angels Network de Catalunya investors

On October the 11th, 6 Business Angels had a mentoring session with 14 start-ups and 20 entrepreneurs, in the framework of the 2016 EMPRÈN Training Program, on Elevator Pitching.

The training comprised a total of 3 sessions spread over 10 hours: The Business Angel Capitals market, How to Pitch to Business Angels, and the Pitching themselves. The first 2 sessions had a rather theoretical focus whereas the latest session, 20 entrepreneurs got the chance to do a 3-minute Pitch to a jury-table of 3 invertors; 2 tables were set up: one more ICT – focus and the other with a deepened industrial interest. At the end of the session, all the present networked and exchanged experiences.


This training is part of the EMPRÈN 2016 Program, aimed at the promotion of entrepreneurship in Catalonia, under the leadership of the government of Catalonia. Over the next month, Business Angels Network de Catalunya will run a similar training. Application available from now on.

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