A brief guide to grow early stage investment to €15 billion and generate 1.5 million new jobs by 2017

Do you believe in an European startup scene in which entrepreneurs can access the equity investment they need? Well, so do we at EBAN as well as many early stage investors do across Europe.

Startup investors from across Europe contributed to a Startup Investors Manifesto towards an effective single market for early stage investment. This can sound challenging and it is indeed but is certainly not a dream. There are many policies and actions which can be implemented at European, national and regional level which can contribute to drive investment upwards. Investors themselves have a major role to play too – in the end it’s all about their money anyway!

We invite you to support this investors’ driven manifesto and to share it with your community.

What’s in it?

Many things need to be done and you can find concrete actions throughout the document such as cutting taxes paid by early startups, facilitate the access to European “alternative” stock exchange markets or to replicate co-investment models to countries where they still don’t exist.

The manifesto suggest changes in the following areas:

1. Inspiring a co-investment culture amongst different market stakeholders
2. Taxes as drivers for innovation and reallocation of funds
3. Increasing market liquidity to avoid equity gaps
4. Raising awareness and changing mindsets towards a favourable risk culture
5. Making investment easier and clearer for both businesses and investors

Startup Investors Manifesto

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