The BANC network supports access to alternative financing for entrepreneurs.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a seed project or a startup? Do you need financing in order to keep growing?

BANC can help you to look for financing through our investors or soft loans funding processing.

Business Angels

We have investors from different sectors:

  • Industrial
  • Agro-tech
  • TIC
  • Textile
  • Etc.
Soft Participatory Loans

We process soft loan funding and advice entrepreneurs

For exemple ENISA, ICF, SME Instrument, etc.

Training courses and programs

We train entrepreneurs

  • Finances & investment
  • Alternative funding
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Etc
Investment forums

We organise investment forums and meetings between investors and entrepreneurs.

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Financing generated for startups: Equity + Soft Participatory Loans

Some entrepreneurs that have find financing for their startups

“Thanks to BANC, we were able to close the first investment round of € 210,000 for the startup. One Business Angel from BANC acted as the lead investor and subsequently added a Venture Capital, ENISA and another Business Angel. The BANC’s analyst who led the operation facilitated and accelerated the negotiation of the partners’ deal with all those involved (3 founders + 4 professional investors). ”

Antoni G.


“About BANC service, it would emphasize its effectiveness, as well as the relationship obtained, with a very good and fluid communication. Without a doubt, I would recommend the network to a new project that seeks financing.”

Salvador T.


“We are very pleased with the service and support given by BANC. It has allowed us not to worry about the process of ENISA, doing a very good follow-up of the process. I emphasize the personal and professional relationship that BANC’s consultants have offered us in order to find financing. ”

Juanjo V.

Orain Technologies

“From the first moment they understood our business model and needs, they accompanied us in all phases until we reached the objective set. We will continue collaborating with BANC, our company grows and its needs too, we have to be surrounded by a dynamic and professional team like BANC.”

Orlando P.


“BANC helped us to boost our search of investors and financing during the first stages of the company. At that time, Business Angels were inaccessible to us, and BANC helped us to close an agreement. Although that capital was not as great as those we make today, it was as more important for the startup. ”

Marc M.