• Global Candace is a pioneer in offering innovative solutions for the maritime logistics sector and will soon enter the air and land sector.


Barcelona, May 24, 2019. Global Candace was established in October 2017 by the entrepreneur Alejandra Moreno Feito, whom the BANC team defines as a visionary woman and who during her professional career has developed different tasks and functions in companies such as Accenture Spain, Manpower, TNT Cycles, Desigual, Barents or Quimidroga. In the last companies Alejandra carried out tasks in import / export departments, which promoted the business idea of developing and marketing the pioneer business management software in the market oriented to maritime logistics offered by Global Candace. This software automates the processes of monitoring of imports and exports by sea on a platform that generates a corporate database and that nourishes the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) used by each company and allows companies to know in rea time, and from any mobile device, computer or tablet, when a merchandise will not arrive on time, anticipating possible delays and incidents. The benefit that companies that already make use of the Global Candace development are obtaining is an exponential improvement in the search efficiency of ships and merchandise since it eliminates manual searches, saves time and saves money. The success of the software has meant that the company has set its sights on the air and land sectors where they will soon market their solution.

In October 2018, just one year after its establishment, Global Candace relied on the BANC network, Business Angels Network of Catalonia, its project in order to find a business angel to station and get involved in the company and so it has been. In the last eight years, the network has been dean throughout the Spanish state of Business Angels, has obtained 5.8 million euros for 62 projects linked to innovation.

During 2018, the BANC network has contributed to capitalize € 424,000 in equity, which are divided into four operations that have mobilized € 310,000 of business angels and € 114,000 of the same promoters. The € 424,000 in equity is equivalent to 10% of a global Post Money valuation of 4.1 million euros in which business angels acquire 7.5%. As for aid procedures, during 2018 € 585,000 were obtained in soft loans, for 6 projects. In addition, over the past 15 years, BANC has contributed to mobilize 204 business angels, in 94 operations with an average of 2.7 business angels for operation and € 13.4 million (both founders and business angels) with an average of € 142,000 per operation.



About BANC

BANC has been the first Catalan and Spanish private network of Business Angels, which was born at the initiative of the business association Cecot and Autoocupació, with the support of the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF). In addition, BANC is supported by ACCIÓ and is integrated into the Private Investor Network (CHIP), and is a member of the Spanish Business Angels Network (ESBAN) and the European Business Angels Network (EBAN).