• The event will be held on Thursday 11 to the Telephone Building Diagonal 00.
  • During these 15 years, the BANC has contributed to inject 11.8 K € in the equity of a 70 projects.

Barcelona, 10 October 2018. This year, the Business Angels Network Catalunya (BANC) holds that for 15 years has contributed to mobilizing 165 Business Angels in 88 of investment, generating a cumulative injection of € 11.8 million in the equity of 69 projects. However, the network also has contributed more than € 5.2 million in additional funding for other 57 innovative projects, mostly in loans.

In order to celebrate this date both significant, the network has organized a forum for next Thursday 11 October 11, 45. at 14:00 h. the Torre Telefónica (Av. Diagonal 00, Barcelona).

This Act of celebration, which will be led by Mr. Albert Colomer (BANC Manager), will be presented by Mr. Kim Faura (General Director of Telefónica in Catalonia, Valencian Community, Balearic Islands and Murcia) and Mr. Antoni Abad (CECOT and BANC President).

Following the presentation, there will be a panel discussion under the title “Innovating in the culture of the financing” will feature the presence of two business angels and two entrepreneurs, María José Pedragosa of POPSICASE, and Marc Martinell of MINORYX.

At 12:30 pm will begin the first part of the Investment Forum, which will present the following companies: AIRNING, online platform to manage air issues and claims to know the rights of travellers. REWANS, mobile APP through a game that offers prizes to the users, acts of solution for brands that want to invest in innovative marketing activities. APPORIGEN computer application in the cloud with more adaptability to the particularities of each client. The “wordpress” business management applications.

Then there will be a second round table under the name “we finance innovation. Capitalitzem the Talent “with the participation of Mr. Oriol Lendínez of Microbank, Mr. David Quílez of Banco Sabadell, Mr. Emilio Gómez of the Catalan Institute of finance, and Mr. Edgar García of ICEC).

By the end of the day, there will be the second part of the Investment Forum. Representatives of the following companies:

The PETER’s BRAND, a fashion brand that was founded with the aim to reinvent the concept of “underpants.” GA esports Sports Club which offers a great entertainment experience and belonging to the fans of sports electrònics TEKEFINGERS a innovative and new concept of tapas, intended for leisure centres, parks and cities where it offers as a franchise.

At the end there will be a space for Networking with refreshments.



Banc is the first Catalan network of Business Angels, was born as an initiative of the Association CECOT and the Private Foundation for the promotion of self-employment of Catalonia (AUTOOCUPACIO) with the support of the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF). The BANC is integrated into the network of private investors (XIP), is a member of the Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks (AEBAN), of the European Business Angels Network and is a member of the Global promoter of Spain Business Angels Network (GBAN).